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17 White And Stunning High Glossy Kitchen Designs

17 White And Stunning High Glossy Kitchen Designs

ShinyStunning Kitchen Designs kitchens are attractive and especially when they are well maintained or when they are new.

Stunning Kitchen Designs

The glossy kitchens are a choice for many due to their elegant looks. The following 17 designs are examples of kitchens from respected and popular manufacturers. The kitchen designs are white

1.  Babington Pearl

It is early white in colour. The kitchen design features a grey finish on the lavatory.

babington pearl kitchn

2.  Country

The kitchen is made up of grey walls combined with white drawers, counters and cabinets.  The presence of black items contrasts the room in a good way.

country kitchen

3.  Integra white

The drawers and kitchen cabinets have curved corners. In addition, the countertops are made of granite are the working stations for the kitchen.

integra white

4.  Kaori

Although the drawers, cabinets, ceiling, floor, and accent chair are white, the neutral coloured walls make the kitchen magnificent.

kaori kitchn

5. Small and White Kitchen

The kitchen is so attractive. Everything from the flooring, the matchless bar stool and the pendant lights all highlight the impeccable beauty of the kitchen space.

small and white kitchen

6.  Ola20

It sort of represents what people imagine alien spaces to be especially because of the mica-based polish.

ola20 kitchen

7. Quadria

The kitchen with great specs as the drawers and doors are made using 20mm thick of particleboard panels. All the 4 edges are edges using aluminium finish accompanied by polyurethane glue.

Quadria Kitchen

8.  Burberry Canvas

The design takes the wall colours very seriously and it combines dark brown with green colour. The drawers and cabinets mix well with the brown countertops.

Burberry Canvas Kitchen

9.  Kube

The design makes use of interplay of space and volume created through the creation of a streamlined design which offers versatility. Anyone who buys this design from a kitchen enjoys the possibilities of the layout.

Kube Kitchen

10.  Lucido Oyster

The design is inspired by KBBC and it displays how beautiful a combination of stainless steel, veneer and wood can work magic in your kitchen.

Lucido Oyster Kitchen

11.  Orange

It is a good kitchen design for people who want to spend consciously on kitchen design and those that are looking for a contemporary kitchen design.

Orange Kitchen

12.  Cosmopolitan White

Black granite countertops are a choice for many people due to aesthetic value, their functionality and they are very convenient. When combined with bright coloured walls such as white walls, the beauty is just breath-taking.  They are therefore not rare designs in many homes.

Cosmopolitan White Kitchen

13.  Linea

This kitchen has a beautiful interior. The plants on one side of the outside of the kitchen compliment the beautiful and amazing kitchen interior.

Linea Kitchen

14.  Lucido White

The KBBC inspired kitchen makes use of the glossy finish matched with stainless steel. The finish is used for the drawers and cabinets. As an additional design compliment, the floor is also glossy.

Lucido White Kitchen

15.  Time

ZG Group is responsible for the creation of the kitchen design. It makes use of the beautiful black and white designs for a simple, classy and sophisticated kitchen design.

16.  Crystal Metro Oyster

This kitchen innovation is good for people planning on carrying out kitchen innovations soon or for people want to use the design in their new homes.

17.  Vega

These high gloss kitchen designs are pretty and huge. The main challenge with the kitchen is to make good use of the space available. The designer has to make sure that they do not underdo or overdo the designing. For large kitchens, it is important to make everything look normal including space.

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