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6 Quick Ways To Remove Pimple and Acne

Quick Ways To Remove Pimple and Acne

A pimple is painful and generates a lot of oil, it is a build-up of bacteria that results to pimples. Where some Areas of the skin that have the largest number of oil glands, such as the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders, are often affected.

6 Quick Ways To Remove Pimple and Acne

Symptoms of a pimple are included small tender bumps on the skin and often filled with pus.

It is very important to make a smart choice for pimples treatment. There are too many options are available to deal with your skin problem, you have to choose the best method which does not have any side effects to your skin. Ayurveda is the best choice for pimple treatment because of it natural and also proved that solve various skin problems.

For Girls Pimples are the biggest enemies

Pimples are common for teenagers because in teenage there many hormonal changes done in girls and boys. it’s extremely irritating to skin concern that each girl hates! Natural (Ayurvedic) way treatments are very effective and this can be done at home itself. After treatment, your face looks fresh and clear.

Pimple Treatment at Home – Ayurvedic Treatment

You can avoid doctors and medicines for a month. You may consult an ayurvedic doctor or expert who will give you the best ingredient that will cure a pimple instantly, and the Most of the ingredients are available in your kitchen and garden. Below I am showing you six different methods that will cure pimples on your face.


1. Tulsi Leaves Paste

Do you grow Tulsi plant at your home? Tulsi plant has a medical component that works for your pimple treatment. Get some fresh basil leaves from your garden; you can add some warm water to make the basil leaves as a paste.  Apply the tulsi/basil leaves paste on your face. Repeat this procedure each day to eliminate or remove pimples on your face.

Tulsi Leaves Paste

2. Effective Pimple treatment at home with Lime and Honey

Take lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey and mix it well. This mixture may apply on the pimples and dark spots. Don’t apply this mixture on aggravated (serious) big pimples as it may cause a burning sensation. Try this mixture every day and you can see the effective results.

Lime and Honey mix

3. Honey and Cinnamon for Pimple treatment

Cinnamon plays a very important role in pimples treatment. Roast the cinnamon and grind then into a fine powder. Add some drops of honey and make it into a paste. Apply this paste on your face every day for the good result.

Honey and Cinnamon paste

4. Neem leaves Best Pimple treatment

Take fresh neem leaves and make it into a paste and apply the paste on your face target the pimples. Wash it with lukewarm water. And add fresh neem leaves boiling water and mix it with normal water and take bath with that water. Use this water to take bath for healthy skin.

neem leaves paste

5. Potato or Tomato for pimple treatment

Make the paste of the potato and apply directly on your pimples. This potato sticky paste can be applied on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. Potato is natural bleach that helps your skin to look fresh and clean. Follow the same steps with the tomato paste too.

Potato or Tomato for pimple treatment

6. Mint leaves for pimples treatment

Take some fresh mint leaves and soak them for some time. Next grind the mint leaves into a fine paste. And apply the paste on the stubborn pimple and pimple marks.  As the result, the size of a pimple will reduce and also helps in removal of the pimple marks too.

Mint leaves for pimples treatment

Aside from this simple homemade pimple treatment, you have to guarantee your face is perfect and free from oil and dirt. You should not squeeze or scratch the pimples. Eat great nourishment and drink a considerable measure of water to keep you hydrated and avoid pimples.

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