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Best Cheap VPS Cloud Hosting Providers

Best Cheap VPS Cloud Hosting Service Providers

VSP Cloud hosting is the perfect way to make your website content accessible anywhere in the world via too many servers instead of using a Content Distribution Network service. As this VPS Cloud infrastructure has built with many servers. that’s why it’s a bit expensive than shared hosting service. If you are looking for cheap VPS cloud hosting, then keep reading the following to find the best service provider.

VPS Cloud Hosting primarily designed to provide maximum service and uninterrupted non-stop service. guess how it is possible? In VPS cloud hosting, multiple servers are connected (in parallel) to act as such. The simplest explanation, unlike the shared hosting services that rely on only one server, is cloud hosting consisting of several servers. best cheap VPS cloud hosting Providers

Best Cheap VPS Cloud Hosting Providers

This greatly reduces the risk of unavailability and reduce low speed, data loss also reduces. It uses higher resources than traditional shared hosting or any other hosting, which makes it more expensive and can gain benefits from this type of accommodation. you have to pay huge money. But here, after our hard work and efforts, we have made a list of the best providers of cheap VPS cloud hosting.

Difference between the VPS Cloud and Shared hosting

As mentioned above, in a VPS cloud hosting several servers are connected that are located at different locations. For example, if you purchased a VPS cloud hosting package and, at some point, a server malfunction has happened. then what will happen? Yes, you have it, if a server goes down, still, your site can be accessed. In shared hosting, if your server goes down then your site falls for sure.
At the very beginning, this type of hosting was very expensive, and only companies can use it, but for 3 ~ 4 years, prices are going down and now cheap cloud hosting services are also available with the promised quality. So, if you are looking for the best cheap cloud hosting provider, then this article will help you find the right company. Because here we are accumulating the latest list of the best cloud hosting services that offer packages at the lowest price.

The Best Cheap VPS Cloud Hosting Services

So, here we go with a list of cheaper and cheaper VPS cloud hosting services that can save you a lot of money. We highly recommend that you choose the right one and meets all your requirements.

1. Vultr


Vultr is a low-cost, low-cost, 100% SSD cheap VPS cloud hosting service provider with servers in supplementary fourteen different regions around the globe. Competitive pricing, the Ten Gigabit powerful network, and with the flexible or user-friendly control panel made a best accessible cloud services. And the user can charge on an hourly basis.

Starting with the basic plan in this plan includes with 20 GB of SSD storage,  500 GB of data transfer, one processor and 512 MB of RAM. the user will charge just 2.50$ / month. Any package is billed on a monthly basis or hourly basis. The hourly cost is for the “Starting with Basic Plan” is approximately $ 0.004 / hour. There are eight packages are available to normal and enterprise users. with different configs to choose it.

The user can use different OS :
  1. Centos
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Debian

Customized ISO can use by the user. Different applications like LEMP, WordPress, CPanel these can super easy to install from the control panel by one click.

Flexible billing option.
15 servers around the globe with low latency.
Unnecessary network link speed.
Cheapest VPS cloud hosting with huge resources.
Hundred hosting based only on SSD.
Full control of the root on your virtual machines.
No live technical support,  You can contact them  by open a ticket in support form.

2. VPS Cloud by DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean service is an inexpensive VPS cloud storage space provider they are specially designed for bloggers, webmasters, and developers. Flexible package with a strong network communications makes it more likely among its competitor. Basic plan starts from  5$ per month with 20GB of storage capacity, 512 MB RAM, One Processor (CPU), and One Terabyte(1TB) data transfer.

Rates increase gradually as the usage of the resources are increased. Digital Ocean servers are powered by SSDs, Control panel is userfriendly, Hexa Core processors with Error correcting code memory (ECC RAM), KVM virtualization,  and data transfer with rate of 1GB / s.

You are allowed to relocate the server location, even the installing applications like WordPress, LEMP can done with only by one click. this hosting has a supportive group of people portal with the wide range of tutorials. The tech support is unbelievable.

Storage solutions powered by SSD.
Trusted by many of big companies such as Xerox, Ericsson,  Salesforce, HP and many more.
Several data centers in different regions around the globe.
Launch your website or a blog with few minutes.
Many Operating System can opt.
Huge network speed of 40Gbps
No technical chat support, only ticketing support system is aviable.
If you have developer skills, you are recommended to use otherwise choose another hosting. Because Digital Ocean service is an complex to configure.

3. Cloud Ways VPS Cloud Hosting

In case you are searching for the best-managed VPS cloud hosting service. if you don’t want to spend too more money? VPS CloudWays hosting is one of the biggest but it is a cheap cloud hosting provider where you can get a hosting plan at just  7$ per month you will get 1 core processor, One GB data Space, 1 terabyte (1TB) bandwidth, and 512 MB of RAM. and for higher processor resources,  this service provider has tons of plans available for purchase.

CloudWays offers VPS cloud hosting Plans and solutions through a various number of companies such as DigitalOcean, AWS, Kyup, the Google cloud platform and Vultr. Yes, you can buy from many numbers of vendors at a location using this hosting.

Keep in mind that you are not limited to installing specific applications and that you can install unlimited applications. Another good thing is that they offer FREE 1-click migration from one CloudWays account to another and 24/7 customer support for all plans.

The most user-friendly and easy-to-use cloud hosting provider I’ve used so far.
Install applications in one click.
Quick and reliable option for WordPress and other CMS.
24/7/365 live chat fast.
Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate Free.
You can choose the processor, the storage, and the ram according to your need.
Option to scale flexible resources.
Several data centers in the world.
A little expensive compared to other services
Ram should be 768 MB to 1 GB in this price range
The service could be improved

4. DreamHost

DreamHost is an award-winning web hosting service for WordPress websites as well as apps. They manage more than 1.5 million sites and applications. It’s not just a web host, but it also offers many other services such as site creation, domain registration, and more. With other hosting solutions like WordPress hosting, Dedicated and VPS web hosting, they also provide cheap but the best cheap cloud hosting at incredible prices.

You can get cloud storage at $ 4.50 a month with a lot of powerful features such as root access, SSH access, SSD storage, broadband networks, higher CPU processors, MongoDB, Redis, Ruby , OpenStack, etc. platform that you want to use, whether its Windows, Linux, Node.js, Python, or whatever, DreamHost allow all these things in all plans.

Dreamhost VPS Cloud Hosting

DreamHost’s cloud plans are powered by SSDs to deliver incredibly fast speeds and bandwidth. You can take the very first plan at $ 4.50 / month, which includes 1 vCPU, 512 MB of RAM, 100 GB of storage and 80 GB of SSD space. It’s the most affordable plan, but you can also benefit from higher plans with more resources. Their service is fast and responsive to help you launch your server within 30 seconds without waiting for hours like many other competitors.

DreamHost offers a 97-day money back guarantee. Yes, it’s a huge time, and barely a few web hosts offer this kind of money back guarantee. So you can ask for the refund at any time if you do not get what they claim. If you are stuck in many hosts to decide which one to choose, try DreamHost.

Full control and full root access.
All plans powered by SSDs for maximum speed and reliability.
They have a good reputation with web hosts and deal with more than 1.5 million sites, apps, and blogs.
Pro-long 97-day refund policy.
Start your server within 30 seconds.
You can use all the main tools.
Huge disk space (80 GB and 100 GB of the block) even for the basic package.
Free bandwidth.
Suitable for users with a limited budget.
Contacting tech support is a little bit complicated
No phone.

5. 1and1

1and1 also offers cloud hosting solutions as well as other services such as domain registration, e-mail marketing tools, shared hosting, etc. Their servers are extremely fast, secure and flexible. The best part of 1and1 is that they offer the first month of free hosting. You can take cloud storage for $ 9.99 a month with the resources of 50GB of storage, 1GB Ram, and 1 vCore processor server.

They give all FREE plans for the first month to all new customers. Plus, you get 24×7 technical support, dedicated IP, unlimited traffic features, and load balancer. It is very affordable for small projects and starters to maintain budget limits.

You are also allowed to use all operating system options such as Windows, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu with 32/64-bit technology. If you want affordable plans, go for 1and1, you will never regret this decision.

A month of the free plan.
50GB giant SSD storage space.
1GB of memory with a load balancer.
24/7/365 hotline.
Free SSL Certificate.
Unlimited data transfer.
Intel Xeon processor.
You can build a custom plan to suit your needs.
Full API, backup, and firewall.
Several data centers.
They also do not have live chat like DigitalOcean but you can contact by phone anytime.
The best solution for low budget users.

6. BlueHost

When it comes to excellent and reliable but inexpensive cloud hosting, we can not neglect BlueHost. In addition, they are one of the top 10 web hosting companies. They offer an incredibly faster, reliable and simple WordPress cloud storage at a starting price of $ 6.95 per month. You can host 1 website, 100 GB of disk space, 1 free domain, 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU, 50 marketing credits and much more in the basic plan.
However, in the Business Plan Pro $ 15.95 / month, they offer dedicated IP, SSL certificate, spam expert, privacy protection and site backup facilities. When you buy their plan, you will get a free domain name for a year. Is it expensive with these many features? Of course not!
As you can see above, their cloud servers are faster (only 151 ms) than many others. Their dashboard is simpler and user-friendly. you can easily monitor uptime, page download speed, usage trends, and global reach. The instant resource management system will never leave your site due to traffic spikes.
Outstanding failover technology to protect your data from any incident.
Advanced server speed to provide fast loading times with global CDN.
Three data mirroring system for added security.
24/7/365 dedicated phone and live chat.
Incredibly fast 151ms server response time.
No site backup for “Starter” and “Performance” plans.
No restore options except “Business Pro” plan.
Sometimes the live chat team takes too long to answer.


Cloud-based web facilitating is the perfect answer for making an extraordinary, quick and secure website and applications. there the fact is that it is somewhat costly with compared with shared hosting. In the wake of buying cloud facilitating and arranging your webpage, you can test the speed of your site with GTMetrix and Pingdom.

In case you’re searching for a moderate, reasonable, and brilliant cloud benefit, I suggest CloudWays and DigitalOcean. They are the least expensive cloud VPS facilitating supplier and they offer a remarkable client involvement with every minute of every day specialized help.

All things considered, require more offer assistance?

Don’t hesitate to contact by means of the remarks area or send an immediate message through the contact page. Offer the one you believe is the best cloud facilitating supplier for superior, accessibility, and unwavering quality.

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