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Bitcoin Mining Hardware Setup

Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Bitcoin Mining Hardware,  Find a location for the bitcoin miners You may need to find a place that is good that you could maintain your mining rigs. Without the knowledge of building computers, it’s going to be challenging to succeed in running your very own bitcoin mining rig. Are you going to be using Windows, or Linux? What type of Bitcoin mining applications will you choose? Will you choose to automate your bitcoin mining rigs? The questions won’t ever end. Simple definition: Bitcoin mining is the method of creating new Bitcoins. Typical question mining used for some computation that is helpful? When mining is not associated with any other distributed computing projects and internal to Bitcoin the computations performed.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Mining Rig | Hardware

A mining rig is a pc system used for mining Bitcoins. The rig may be a miner that is committed where it was procured, constructed and operated for mining or it may be a pc that fills needs, such as running as a gambling system and is used to mine on a part-time basis. As Graphics processing unit mining was found to be around 800 + times faster CPU mining became common. Low Power Consumption: that’s a huge one! Each FPGA miner uses under 5 watts of power while hashing on average.

Mining Hardware

bitcoin mining hardware as shown in the image above. Graphics processing unit mining may use for every rig between 500-1200 watts of electricity, depending upon the amount and the hardware of GPU’s. Some Bitcoin users may wonder why there is a disparity between a CPU versus a GPU’s mining output. There is A Graphics processing unit like a CPU, but there are internal differences which make them suited for their tasks. Here’s a very cool 3 minutes movie of Phreneticdotnet constructing a best bitcoin mining rig! Second of all, Another difference favoring Bitcoin mining on AMD GPUs rather than Nvidia’s is that the mining algorithm is based on SHA-256, that makes heavy use of 2-bit integers rotated to the right operation.


One Day One Week One Month
Income 0.00038149 BTC 2.43 USD 0.00269160 BTC 17.12 USD 0.01106457 BTC 70.37 USD
Estimate costs -0.00006698 BTC

-0.43 USD

-0.00047453 BTC

-3.02 USD

-0.00203727 BTC

-12.96 USD

Profit 0.00031451 BTC 2.00 USD 0.00221707 BTC 14.10 USD 0.00902730 BTC

57.41 USD


The above table is an example how much you can earn daily with NVIDIA GPU.  this is with a single graphics card. you can build a rig with multiple graphics cards with the single motherboard. in general, the CPU consists of only two or one slots for the graphics card but for mining the motherboard is different. below I will mention the list of hardware for bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Motherboard for Bitcoin mining

Mining motherboard

1 Asrock H110 Pro BTC
2 Biostar TB250- BTC Pro
3 Asrock H81 Pro BTC Mining Board
4 Biostar TB250-BTC Ver. 6.x
5 Biostar Motherboard TB250-BTC PRO


Top Graphics Cards for bitcoin mining 

1 Geforce GTX 1070 [NVIDIA]
  • The graphics card is with high hash rate and low power consuming. The memory of this is 8GB DDR5, Core Clock is 1,506MHz, Power with a 1×6 pin and power consumption are 150W. the only negative point is too much expensive.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070

2 Radeon RX 580 [AMD]
  • AMD ‘s GPU is a bitcoin winner there are two positive points for this is the cost of this Graphics card is cheaper than Nvidia ones and very good cooling. and the negative point is sold out due to it is highly demanding for mining. Memory is 8GB DDR5, Core Clock is 1,257 MHz, Memory Clock is 8 Gbps and power consumption is 185W.
  • AMD Radeon RX 580
3 RX 480 [AMD]
  • This graphics card is an older one but still it good at mining. positive points are it is cheap and performance is good at mining. memory is 8GB DDR5, Core Clock is 1120MHz, Memory clock speed is 8Gbps and power consumption is 150W.

AMD Radeon RX 480

4 Radeon RX Vega 56 [AMD]
  • Positive: Performance is Good at Mining
  • Negative: High energy drawn, Runs a tad hot.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 56

5 GTX 1080 Ti [NVIDIA]
  • This graphics card is good but expensive. another thing is good for mining.
  • Memory is 11GB DDR5, the core clock is 1480MHz  memory clock speed is 11GHz and power consumption is too high 250W.
  • Positive: Very Powerful, Hash rates are incredible.
  • Negative: Too much expensive to buy and maintain.

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti


How to build the Rig – Mining computer, in next post. above information gives you which hardware is good for bitcoin mining.

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