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Central Arizona DIY Air Conditioning Tune-up Checklist

How Do I Tune-up My Arizona A/C Unit On My Own?

Central Arizona DIY Air Conditioning Tune-up

No matter how expensive or expertly installed a central air conditioning system is, under the heat and conditions of Central Arizona that equipment will eventually fail. Low humidity for so much of the year is a strong counterpoint to the monsoon season. High temperatures for most of the year stress motors, fans, compressors and other parts. Arizona’s periodic haboobs bring choking, blinding dust that clogs lubrication ports and sends grit into pulley wheels. The only solution to the Phoenix area’s local conditions is quick, expert tune-up by Ace Home Services.

Central Arizona DIY Air Conditioning Tune-up

Arizona A/C Tune-Up Checklist

Typical air conditioning contractors will address all of the following issues with a checklist for central air conditioning tune-ups:

  • Condenser coil cleaning;
  • Fan motor lubrication and inspection;
  • Fan motor pulleys and belts;
  • Compressor inspection;
  • Refrigerant line testing for proper charge and pressure;
  • Check access valves for leaks that rob your system of cooling power;
  • Cleaning around the outside unit for proper airflow;
  • Inspection of the cabinet, panels and electrical system.
Inside, the home your HVAC technician will service the interior parts (air handler, evaporator coil, plenum, ductwork and thermostat):
  • Check the plenum, including the plenum pan gasket;
  • Examine air ducts (both supply and return ducts) for damage, separated seams and leaks;
  • Verify that all ducts are properly insulated to avoid loss of expensively cooled air;
  • Inspect condensate drain pan to prevent pooling or leaking;
  • Clean the evaporator coil, which often becomes thick with dust build-up and even mold;
  • Check the condensate drain line for kinks, blockage and proper drainage;
  • Inspect and confirm operation of the blower motor;
  • Check electrical load and supply of the blower motor’s run capacitor;
  • Blower motor pulley wheel, belts and lubrication ports;
  • Verify balanced air flow at supply and return registers;
  • Clean any permanent air filter or replace the disposable air filter;
  • Service any ultraviolet light equipment within the unit (used as an antimicrobial method of improving your home’s or business’s interior air quality).
The entire HVAC system in your home or business also gets scrutiny:
  • Deliberately trip and reset all safety devices to prevent electrical overload, a possible electrical fire or unsafe operation;
  • Inspect the thermostat and reset it if programming errors exist;
  • Inspect all wiring and connections to avoid arcing or loose wires;
  • Test operation to prevent short-cycling, which robs your system of energy efficiency and shortens equipment life;
  • Verify correct operation of all relays, run capacitors, and switches.

Finally, your Arizona property’s A/C unit gets one last test to measure its operating efficiency. This measure can help you decide when repair or replacement is the best path forward, as equipment in Phoenix Metro gets a workout by the sun that shortens HVAC life.

Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Not all HVAC contractors are the same. In fact, the quality of work varies drastically between each company and so-called handyman. The best way to find an air conditioner contractor is to ask family and friends for a referral. Whether or not they have a recommendation, you must check reviews of the company you are considering hiring; as this is the best way to prevent a nightmare situation in the heat of the summer.

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If you live in the Chandler, Arizona area you definitely have an air conditioning system that needs a tune-up. Contact ACE Home Services to for a professional maintenance service call today.

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