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Donna Karan Walks Back Praise of Harvey

Donna Karan walks back praise of Harvey Weinstein

Donna Karan, We had been expecting it for some time. It is now official: the designer leaves the house she created in 1984 to devote herself to other personal projects, in particular to her foundation Urban Zen. A page of American fashion turns.

Donna Karan walks back praise

The Americans invented the concept of ready-to-wear. And that of the “fashion business”, the one made to be truly carried, of a formidable efficiency, halfway between the Japanese minimalism and the creativity of the French touch. What gave birth to different and complementary styles: the electrifying energy of Marc Jacobs, the silhouette-drawn from the American way of life of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, the sweet seduction of Diane von Furstenberg… and, of course, the elegant simplicity of Donna Karan.

Formed at the Parsons School, the stylist made her first steps with Anne Klein, of which she took the direction of the creation in 1974, at the age 25 years. Ten years later, Donna Karan goes solo and founds her home.

His idea is to provide a simple dressing room for women who are increasingly active and who therefore have less time to devote to shopping. Tailor-made suits, single-breasted coats, two-in-one pieces – such as his famous blouse – easy-to-live dresses … Worn by businesswomen – like so many stars on the red carpet -, draped jersey dresses or satin quickly become bestsellers.

His concept, Donna Karan, summarizes it in three words: “seven easy pieces”, seven easy and interchangeable pieces that allow you to compose a complete wardrobe, to be worn from morning to night. In this spirit, one could even say that when in 1996 Sharon Stone disembarks dressed in her famous Gap T-shirt at the Oscars, she is merely reinterpreting an idea launched by Donna Karan two years ago.

In 1994, the designer made Karen Mulder parade in long skirt satin grey satin, with Spartans and Marcel cotton milleraies … A sobriety that plays the masculine/feminine (men’s suits, white shirts, the military spirit …), transparency, cut-outs and ultra-plunging necklines and gives a sexy devilish look.

“Its concept: seven easy and interchangeable parts that make it possible to compose a complete wardrobe”

The fashion icon in the 1990s (she received the CFDA award for the best designer of women’s clothing in 1996 and a prize for the whole of her career in 2004, on the occasion of the thirty years of her label ), Donna Karan joined the LVMH group in 2001.

It was a privilege for all of us to work with Donna and we are very pleased that she has agreed to remain a close adviser to the house, elsewhere Pierre-Yves Roussel, President and CEO of LVMH Fashion Group.

In a statement announcing the departure of Donna Karan, the house specifies that no substitute will be named at the moment and that it “suspends the parades and collections for a time”.

She “will reorganize her teams and structure to focus on DKNY”, the other line launched by Donna Karan in 1989. As for the designer, she now wants to focus on more personal projects, including Urban Zen Company and Founded in 2007, which promotes the well-being, culture and education of children.

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