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Health Benefits of Exercise vs Weight Loss

Exercise vs Weight Loss

What are the Health Benefits of Exercise

what are the health benefits of exerciseThey are so many Health Benefits of Exercise. they are only good things with right diet and daily exercise. but when you focused on weight loss only. there are so many bad things can happen to you. it causes health disorder also. sometimes people want to reduce weight immediately. people think about liposuction surgery. but it is a wrong decision. it may cause to death. better to do exercise daily.

Weight Loss

weight loss by crash dieting and improper training. that causes muscle loss, fat loss, and water loss.the thing that happens to you as follows.

  1. Reduces Strenght
  2. Makes you weak
  3. Reduces Immunity
  4. Makes you look Old
  5. Deteriorates performance
  6. Makes you Unattractive
  7. Decreases Fitness.

Fat Loss

Fat loss can happen only with correct nutrition and training. this is the best way to stay fit. and the results stored body fat loss. the benefits of correct nutrition and training are as follows.

  1. Increases Strength
  2. Makes you look Young
  3. Reduces the Risk of Diseases
  4. Makes you Strong
  5. Enhances Performance
  6. Improves Fitness
  7. Increase you immunity
  8. makes you look sexy.

Strength training, Cardio, correct nutrition, 8 hours of sleep and stress management. this results in the successful fat loss.

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