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How To Make French Toast Without a Recipe

How To Make French Toast Without a Recipe

How To Make French Toast Without a Recipe, It’s late, you’re at home, and you’re hungry. Your front door feels far away. You have some stale bread, eggs, and some dairy products.

How To Make French Toast

Or: It’s Sunday morning, and your kids are screaming and want to cook something – something fast! – who get them all smug and calm and happy.

Or: You are tired of salads and grilled vegetables and even meat and fish and want something soothing, something easy and something decidedly non-seasonal for dinner. In all these cases and much more: toast frenches toast.

Go see – you have everything you need. Now, read on!

How To Make French Toast Without a Recipe

1. Take out a pie pan — it’s the best soaking the vessel for your bread — and add your slags and eggs (I use about three egg yolks for every one-and-a-half cups dairy products.). Use milk, use half and half, use cream, use a combination.

Make French Toast

Whisk in about a tablespoon of sugar, agave, honey, everything (Or not!) And all the flavors you would like – vanilla extract (Or better: the vanilla pod scraped.) is still a great appeal, but not Feel free to go crazy.

2. Slice your bread for one day — I’m a fan of brioche or challah — and let it soak in the mixture for fifteen seconds on each side (30 seconds total). Make sure your bread is a little bland; he will absorb all these good things without falling to pieces.

Once it is out of the bath, let your bread rest on a baking sheet for about two minutes to allow even indoor flan-soakage.

3. Melt a little butter in a saucepan. Once it’s nice and sinks.


4. Get these slices in there! To brown on one side, then return. Get that other brown side, and if you’re me, pour a fillet of maple syrup over, right there in the pan. The heat will not be evenly distributed – and slightly caramelized.

5. Get your bread on a plate, drizzle with more syrup, and eat. Quickly. Now.

Now, what to serve with this frenches toast?

Try This with these:

  • The perfect fried egg
  • Spicy Basil Bloody Mary
  • Homemade merguez

How To Make French Toast Without a Recipe

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