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How to use Photoshop Actions in CS6

How to use photoshop actions in CS6

What is Photoshop Action:

how to use photoshop actions in cs6

Photoshop action is an option that edits the photo with multiple functions with a single photoshop actionsclick. The action is that which we design for one time, which it can be used for multiple photos. which we can save time in designing. how to use photoshop actions in cs6 is follow very simple steps. action files have ATN extension that is “photo.atn”. these actions are can be created by yourself or there are free action files available on the internet.

Steps to Follow:

To open action panel go to the window menu and click on actions or press Alt+F9 then action panel will open. see in the image to understand more in detail.

actions window in cs6

1. Installing Action File

You can install the action in your photoshop by double click or by loading the file into photoshop. installing the action by double click some options may be missed. but by loading the action file into photoshop by using options in action toolbar. you can find as shown in the image below. click on the action toolbar and there you will find down arrow and three lines. then action toolbar options will open, then you will find load actions click on it and install your action into photoshop.

installing action file

2. Play Action button

To apply an action to an image click on the play action button. that results in a transformation of the original image to required effect image with a single click. see the image below that you can understand in detail.

play action button

3. More Options:

The more option in the action panel and there are more futures in that panel. see the image below that you can understand about the action panel.

actions options

Video Tutorial

Free Premium Action File Download

Here Action file and Help Document can download it for free.

Action File: Liquid Blast Action File

Help Document: liquid-blast-photoshop-actions

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