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Increase Traffic to your website or blog

Increase Traffic  to Website or blog

There are so many websites are there to increase traffic and earning. many websites and bloggers will tell its so easy to make money and they tell about traffic too. you can find so many SEO articles in those websites and blogs. but on all website, you will find the same repeated solutions. skipping the main track of successful blogger.

increase traffic

First, you have to find out your talent. then only you will get perfect ideas to create a blog or website. for example so many people like in photography. in photography also you are perfect in some area only. try to create a blog on that topic. follow the passion only don’t write for money only. there are so many areas in photography like, about cameras, lighting, photo editing software, tips about photography and soo on.

Increase Traffic to your Website or Blog

The main source of traffic to websites or blog is google search engine. To Increase traffic to your blog, there are many ways. to get more traffic, each and every way is important. You have to know about SEO and AdWords. in SEO method you have to invest your brain and time, it is free. another method is AdWords, in this method you have to invest money to get traffic. this one is used only for promoting your product.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ):

There are two types, they are

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

increase traffic with social media

1. On-Page SEO is to do with your website or blog. means have to do technical work. don’t panic with technical work, its simple and easy.


  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Structure
  4. Stuffing
  5. Headers
  • HTML- Title tags contain keywords must be relevant to the page topic. means that keyword of a title of the blog post or title of the web page, must be relevant to the topic of the post.
  • Description- Meta description tags describe what page is about. this meta description is a brief of the page or blog post.
  • Headers- Relevant keywords must be used, in Headlines and subheadings in the header tags. means if you writing about traveling article, your must use only travel related keywords only.
  • Structure- Data what you present in your post. that must perfectly be organized like using paragraphs and soo on.

html title tag


Quality, Research, Words, Fresh, Vertical, Answers, Thin.


Crawl, Duplicate, Mobile, Speed, URLS, HTTPS, Cloaking.

2 Off-Page SEO: For Off-page SEO you don’t need to know coding knowledge. in this social media marketing, building up trust, link building, and some personal data for identity.

Some main tool we use in off-page SEO. Adwords, Webmaster tool and google Analytics. these are very important in off-page SEO. and this will help that to avoid the duplication of links. and where the traffic for and for which post the user is most visited. and soo many things we can do with these tools.

In the upcoming article, I will update more detail about off-page SEO. that will help you to increase traffic with

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