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SEO Link Building Procedure to get High Traffic

SEO Link Building 

SEO Link Building is Base on the Google algorithm, we divided the factors into two categories.

seo link building

  1. On-Page
  2. Off-Page


factors that include among others, content, and internal linking structure. Internal linking within the website is important to increase the traffic for the website and it must be relevant linking, for example, in your article using a word call “travel” and want to link internal or external websites, a link must create only regarding that word only. Otherwise, it might become spam content or bad content.


off-page factors are hard to influence. This niche of your business is an off-factor. If your company operates in online shopping industry, the competition to rank in Google is too high. And with other niches are much less competitive, that your website can rank high easily.

The important off-page factor that helps with your ranking is that links from other websites are linking to your website it makes better rank. To optimize your website for search engines, be wise to collect as many high-quality links to your website or blog as possible.

Link helps to rank your website high

Four ways text link to your website helps in the ranking:

  • It adds value to the receiving web page and allowing it too improves visibility in the top search engines.
  • The text of the link is an indication to the various search engines. That which topic of the website content and get more specifically the receiving page.
  • Clicking on the links resulting more traffic and it is called direct traffic.
  • It adds value to the entire receiving domain, allowing each page on that domain to improve its rank ever so slightly.

The value of a text link for the receiving web page is determined in part by the content or topic of the page the text link is on. A text link from a web page that has the same content or topic as the receiving web page is of far more value than a link from a page about a totally different topic. On top of that, a text link from the article is worth way more than a link from a sidebar or footer of the web page. Below image shows the structure of the text link.

structure of the text link

SEO Importance in link building

when you are creating a link in your blog post or website, first you have to focus on a keyword. then try to link that keyword with a high ranking website or can link within the website. within your own website or blog, it may increase your direct traffic.

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