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Upcoming Phone Releases in 2017

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Upcoming phone releases in 2017

Upcoming Phone Releases in 2017

Upcoming phone releases in the year 2017. soo many are eagerly waiting for their favorite brand releases in the year 2017. but from last year most searched brand is Nokia. this company is going to release their phone in 2017. the model name is Nokia P1. soo many are waiting for it. most of the Indians are waiting for it. Popular brands are going to release their phones with new and exciting technologies. like 5k Display, increasing the ISO the camera and many changes are going to take in future smartphones.

2017 Phone List:

  1. Apple iPhone 8
  2. Nokia P1
  3. Samsung galaxy S8
  4. Huawei p10
  5. One plus 4
  6. Microsoft Surface
  7. Xiaomi mi6
  8. LG G6
  9. HTC 11
  10. Samsung galaxy C7
  11. LeEco le 2 pro

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